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Louis Trichardt Accommodation
Louis Trichardt Accommodation
Louis Trichardt Accommodation

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The Soutpansberg region stretches from the Tropic of Capricorn in the south to the mighty Limpopo River in the north. The eastern border is the internationally known Kruger Park. The Mogalakwena River snakes its way through the plains and forms the western border of the area. The region boasts one of the country’s richest natural heirs.

Louis Trichardt Accommodation

A wealth of endemic vegetation, the vast diversity of bird life, including rare birds of prey and the best of South African wildlife. Rare, endangered species found in this region provide an ideal breeding ground for the mysteries of Africans. Bushmen and other indigenous tribes have forever interwoven theirs with the history of the Voortrekkers, traders and hunters.

Makhado (formerly known as Louis Trichardt). This vivid city, which is best visited in peace, lies in the Soutpansberg, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. This historic city, named after a pioneer leader, provides a successful agricultural community. The agriculture of this area is made up of huge cattle and wild produce, and agriculture for citrus fruit, subtropical fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The privately owned goods can be used for hunting and photography trips. The many hotels, inns of the wild estates, resorts and the nature reserve that is privately owned represent this district as a tourist paradise. Birdwatchers are in Makhado also in the seventh heaven!

The Fundudzisee, which is surrounded by mountains, is worshiped by the Vendas, since once esteemed medicine men settled here. The Vendas believe that the witchcraft spirits are still there. They further believe that the ptyhon-like god of fertility lives in the lake.

No one is allowed to bathe or wash in the lake. A permit is required if you want to visit the lake. On the journey to the lake, visitors must stay in the car as they traverse the sacred forest. According to the beliefs of the Vendas, wanderers disturb the spirits of the ancestors. The casino, in a hotel of Thohoyandou, attracts thousands of tourists. In the mountains, which are seen in the background of the city, there are tea plantations, forests and villages, which are decorated in traditional style.

Louis Trichardt Accommodation

The northernmost city in South Africa supplies an area in which a widespread game breeding is operated. However, the city is better known for copper mining, which existed here as far back as prehistoric times. Musina has many recreational facilities, including a golf course planted with mopane and baobab trees. The Impala Lily Park, in the middle of the city, is especially beautiful in spring.

About six kilometers south of the city lies the Messina Nature Reserve. It includes a baobab forest where there is a giant towering twenty-five feet and sixteen feet wide. The nature reserve also protects many antelope species, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs and more than two hundred species of birds. The bird species include the martial eagle, black eagles and the crowned guinea fowl. The seventeen-kilometer-long road between Messina and Beit Bridge crosses the Limpopo River and is lined with baobab trees. Annual event: The Messinaer exhibition, in August.

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